The Blood of Life

Blood of Life 8 carrots, 4 lemons, 2 beets (with greens), 1″ ginger A few people have told me that my tastes are tarter than their own. I don’t need an apple to… Continue reading

Southern Punch

The last time I had collard greens they were smothered in butter, mixed with bacon, and accompanied by corn bread and over a pound of ribs. Little did I know that this Southern… Continue reading

Strawberry Coconut Water

Throw some frozen strawberries into a glass. Add room temperature coconut water. The coconut water will thaw the strawberries while the strawberries will chill the coconut water. Once the drink is done, the… Continue reading

UFC Champion Jon Jones on Juicing

While Bud Lite is the official UFC sponsor and most professional fighters are getting into trouble for another sort of juicing, Jon Jones relies on beet juice to recover from hard training: “I juice everyday.… Continue reading

Liver Detoxing Juices

Many people who begin juicing or go on a juice fast feel light-headed, groggy, and have muscle aches. “How can this be,” they rightfully wonder. The truth is that you will feel worse… Continue reading

Does Fructose Make You Fat?

For years people have hotly debated whether fructose makes you fat. I’ve always considered the discussion sort of stupid and beneath me. I have two eyes. Do you know what these two eyes… Continue reading

Grape Sorbet

I’ve always had a sweet tooth and can easily down a half-gallon of ice cream in a single sitting. There are better, healthier ways of enjoying a refreshing, cold dessert. One of the… Continue reading

Pre-Workout Juice

Beet juice is called nature’s Viagra because it increases blood flow through the small capillaries. (Erectile Dysfunction is usually caused by poor blood circulation.) Beet juice is a natural NO booster: Dietary supplementation with beetroot juice… Continue reading

Juicing Makes You More Attractive

I put my morbidly obese office manager on a lengthy juice fast. Within 30 days her skin looked amazing. Her face glowed and her arms, inflated with fat though they were, had a… Continue reading

My Juicing Setup/Juicing on the Go

Although juicing doesn’t take as long as many assume, I often do large batches on Sunday night to last me through the week. I freeze my juices in 16 ounce Ball mason jars.… Continue reading