Buying Your First Juicer

There are several different types of juicers. There are centrifugal, masticating, single-gear, and singer-auger juicers. There are juice presses. There are dozens of juicers and you can go on message boards to debate which is better.

Juice people remind me of BMW owners. They’ll argue forever over the most trivial details.

The debate is stupid.

Your first juicer needs to be fast, easy-to-clean, and inexpensive. If your juicer is slow or not easy-to-clean, then you won’t use it. If your juicer is expensive and you don’t like juicing, then you’ve just wasted a bunch of money.

These are two awesome entry-level juicers:

I did a bunch of research on the issue, i.e., I read Consumer Reports. The Hamilton Beach Big Mouth Juicer 67650 is only $60 or so with free shipping on Amazon. I’ve had mine for six months and have juiced hundreds of pounds of produce. It’s still going strong.

The Breville BJE200XL Compact Juice Fountain 700-Watt Juice Extractor is also a great buy, at $99. It’s more aesthetically pleasing that the Big Mouth Juicer.

Why are they good? First, they are fast. They will rapidly cut through carrots, beets, apples, celery, and other hard fruits and vegetables. You can juice a half-gallon of juice in about 15 minutes. If you just want a glass of juice, you’re done in 1-2 minutes.

Second, the price is right. Even the Breville at $99 is a good buy. The Breville and Big Mouth both have reputations for lasting a long time. They are well constructed and thus great values.

Finally, they are easy to clean. Everything but the blade is dishwasher safe. The only challenging part is cleaning the blade. There’s a special brush that comes with the Breville and Big Mouth. I timed myself, and it only takes 90 seconds to clean the blade after juicing several pounds of produce.

(Pro tip: Use one of your produce bags to line the pulp waste bin. That’s one less piece you have to rinse off.)

With those juicers, you are in-and-out of the kitchen, depending upon whether you’re making one juice or a full day’s juice, in 5-20 minutes.

If you really enjoy juicing, as I do, then you’re ready to step it up a level.

If you have a big budget a lot of of space, then the Breville 800JEXL Juice Fountain Elite 1000-Watt Juice Extractor is awesome. (My boss just bought one for me to use at the office.) You can juice pineapple with the rind on. It’s a serious machine and also beautiful.

Like the above juicers, it’s fast. It’s easy to clean.

For Christmas, I’m going to buy myself an Omega VRT350 Heavy Duty Dual-Stage Vertical Single Auger Low Speed Juicer. The Omega juicer is slower than the above juicers. It’s main benefit is that it provides a higher yield. (Yield describes the relationship between the ounces of juice you’ll get out of a pound of produce. The more ounces per pound of juice is referred to as a higher yield.) Since I juice a lot of kale and other green leafy vegetables, the Omega makes a lot of sense for me.

But when you’re a beginner juicing, it doesn’t make sense to sweat the details.

If you enjoy juicing, you’ll never want to be without juice. You’ll wind up bringing your entry-level juicer to the office and buying yourself a nicer one for your home.