Cabbage Juice Cures Ulcers

People often mock juicing, claiming that the purported health effects are quackery. Yet those people are morons.

Anyone with an Internet connection can go on PubMed, which is in international database of scientific articles.

Here’s one study describing the health effects of cabbage juice:

In traditional medicine fresh pressed juice of white cabbage leaves is used in the treatment of many diseases in which immunity disorders are involved: diabetes mellitus, rheumatism, gastric ulcer, cirrhosis, cancer. The efficiency of fresh cabbage juice might be due to an immunomodulatory activity.

Contributions to chemical study of the raw polysaccharide isolated from the fresh pressed juice of white cabbage leaves.


A clinical study was undertaken to evaluate the effectiveness of concentrated cabbage juice in the treatment of peptic ulcers. Patients at San Quentin Prison with a diagnosed ulcer crater were treated in a double blind control experiment. They were given either concentrated cabbage juice or placebo facsimile. The evaluation of the merit of this treatment was based upon repeated x-ray examinations of the ulcer crater. A period of 22 days was allowed for ulcer crater healing time. The results of this experiment indicated concentrated cabbage juice to be effective in healing of peptic ulcer.

Vitamin U therapy of peptic ulcer; experience at San Quentin Prison.

Juicing isn’t “alternativeĀ medicine.” Juicing is medicine.