Pre-Workout Juice

Beet juice is called nature’s Viagra because it increases blood flow through the small capillaries. (Erectile Dysfunction is usually caused by poor blood circulation.)

Beet juice is a natural NO booster:

Dietary supplementation with beetroot juice (BR) has been shown to reduce resting blood pressure and the O(2) cost of submaximal exercise and to increase tolerance to high-intensity cycling. We tested the hypothesis that the physiological effects of BR were consequent to its high NO(3)(-) content per se, and not the presence of other potentially bioactive compounds.

Dietary nitrate supplementation reduces the O2 cost of walking and running: a placebo-controlled study.

For the same reason beet juice helps with boners, beet juice provides a major exercise boost:

Six days of dietary nitrate supplementation in the form of beetroot juice (~0.5 L/d) has been reported to reduce pulmonary oxygen uptake (VO₂) during submaximal exercise and increase tolerance of high-intensity work rates, suggesting that nitrate can be a potent ergogenic aid.

Nitrate supplementation’s improvement of 10-km time-trial performance in trained cyclists.

Beet juice will improve your performance in the gym. Now how to use it?

Beet juice tastes earthy because a beet is short for beetroot. You need to scrub the layer of dirt off the beet in order to get a better taste.

You also need to balance beets with some sharpness and sweetness. Throw this into your juicer:

1 beet (with the greens)
2 lemons (skin on, because I like the zest)
2 carrots

Juice it all up. I add creatine, BCAAs and/or protein powder to mine.

I once gave some friends beet juice. They thought they had colon cancer, as their stools were red. Beet juice may turn your urine red or make your excretions look like red velvet cake. That’s perfectly natural.