UFC Champion Jon Jones on Juicing

While Bud Lite is the official UFC sponsor and most professional fighters are getting into trouble for another sort of juicing, Jon Jones relies on beet juice to recover from hard training:

“I juice everyday. Right after practice I come home and my girlfriend has a big glass of vegetable juice waiting for me. It’s great. I drink it fresh. It doesn’t taste the best, but I look forward to it. I wanted all the nutrition.”

The line, “It doesn’t taste great,” reminds me how childish Americans have become. Grown ass men look horrified. It’s as if a glass of green juice is kryptonite. Why does every meal have to taste like an ice cream sundae?

“I feel great. My mental acuity is very sharp. My nails keep growing really fast. My hair is growing fast. My skin is good. Vegetable juice is just so good for your body. My inner body must be very happy I’m do it as well.”